25 Reasons to Use a Birth Ball During Labor

Posted April 27th, 2013 in birth, Fresno birth, Fresno Birth Doula by Kathryn DiPalma

Have you ever wondered why a doula encourages you to use a birth ball while you are pregnant, or during birth?  Below are 25 reasons why using a birth ball during labor can help!

*    Its use facilitates physiologic positions for labor

•     It encourages fetal descent

•     It assists in rotation of the baby in the posterior position

•     It encourages pelvic relaxation

•     It allows for pelvic rocking and body movements

•     It encourages rhythmic movement

•     It helps relieve back pain

•     It can be used with both external and internal electronic fetal monitoring

•     It encourages pelvic mobility

•     It provides perineal support without undue pressure

•     It takes advantage of gravity during and between contractions

•     There is less strain on wrists and hands when in the hands-and-knees position

•     It helps when a back rub or back pressure is needed

•     The ball may enhance rotation and descent in a diffcult birth

•     The ball can be used as support while squatting

•     Its use helps widen the pelvic outlet to its maximum dimension while used during the second stage while squatting

•     It eliminates hard external pressure of a bed, chair or rocker when sitting

•     It allows freedom to shift weight for comfort

•     It helps take the pressure off hemorrhoids

•     It encourages good physiologic resting positions

•     It may speed labor

•     It helps contractions to be less painful and more productive

•     It is benefcial with techniques for failure to progress

•     In shoulder dystocia, it can support the mother who needs to be on hands and knees to facilitate rotation of the posterior shoulder.

by Paulina Perez, RN, BSN, FACCE, CD.  Posted with permission from ICEA.

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