Birth Day Suit Maternity

Posted March 2nd, 2013 in Birth Doula in Fresno, Fresno birth, Labor gowns by Kathryn DiPalma

BirthdaySuit Maternity is a fun company that I co- own with my daughter, Kristy. We have fun designing and sewing labor gowns, so mamas will look and feel their best during labor.


Birth Day Suit Maternity is run by a mother/daughter powerhouse! When Kristy was pregnant with her first baby, she joked that she was concerned her baby would be scared of her when he first saw her from looking “rough” after labor, so with that, she made her own maternity hospital gown. She strutted her stuff throughout the labor and delivery ward halls, loving how the attention she was getting helped distract her from a long 36 hours of labor! When her baby was 3 months old, Kristy and Kathryn decided that this product was a true need for all mommies-to-be, and it became their mission to help dress laboring women across the world! They created their maternity design studio and have been sewing ever since!”

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