The Birth of Abigail Jean…

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The following birth story was written by one of my clients.  I have been granted permission to put it on my blog to share with you.

The Birth of Abigail Jean

by Sara Dearden on Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 10:38am ·

This is Abby’s birth story except told through the eyes of my Husband, Scott. About an hour or 2 after she was born he decided to write it all down because we were afraid that we would forget something later on.

“Labor began at 7 am with strong, low contractions and Sara’s bag of water leaking. She got a shower, ate breakfast, and had contractions until around 8am. We started timing them and they were 8 minutes apart and lasting 45seconds to 1 min 15sec. Sara knew “this was it.” At close to 9am I (Scott) finished packing the car. We call our Doctors office, Doula and Doula-in-training to let them all know that we were headed to the hospital. Sara contractions were now 5 minutes apart.

We left for Central Valley Hospital around 9:15ish and arrived around 9:40 am. On the way, Sara’s contractions got down to 2-3mins apart. With no space in the parking lot, we had to drive around the corner to turn around and park on the street. With ever stronger contractions, Sara said, “I don’t think I can do this anymore.” What I heard was ” I AM IN TRANSITION!!!” From the car to the hospital door Sara had four more contractions. On the last one, on the sidewalk in front of hospital, she said “I feel like I have to push.” I encouraged her not to push, but instead to grunt through it and to wait until we were checked in.

Sara was very concerned with timing contractions. She would apologize every time she forgot to hack the stopwatch when another one started. When we got to labor and delivery the nurse took our info and asked us to wait while they got us checked in. Sara felt like she couldn’t sit down without pushing, and had several contractions leaning against me. She felt like she had to pee and maybe that would take some of the pressure off, so I asked where the bathroom was that she could use. They took her to the room where they bathe and evaluate newborns after birth and let her use the bathroom in there. I followed her in to be supportive and to my surprise another one was just starting. Sara threw the plastic pee cup that she had be given and she held herself above the toilet with her hands and screamed that she needed to push and really started screaming. The nurses came in quickly. One threw a towel on the floor and the other looked between Sara’s legs and yelled, “The Baby’s crowning!!!” We got her off the toilet and the nurses wanted her to lay down but I(and she) wanted to squat. We came to a compromise of sitting with me behind her. Sara was screaming like a banshee (in my ear of course, and the tile-covered bathroom did not help muffle the sound at all!!!) but the midwife on duty told her to stop screaming and focus that energy into pushing (Sara would later tell me that, that was the best piece of advice that anyone gave her). As Sara leaned back into me with chin on chest and four good pushes, Abigail was born.

As Sara picked up and held a screaming Abby for the first time, the nurses clamped and cut the cord, took her to the warming table, and helped Sara onto the bed that had been rolled into the room. Abby measured in a 7lbs 8oz and 20inches long. She scored perfect on the apgar test. Sara was almost given pitocin to help deliver the placenta, but I covered where they were about to inject her and stated “No Meds,” and the nurse thanked me. The nurses never had the chance or time to look at the birth-plan and I found the one that I was going to hand them crumpled and a little blood splattered in the corner of the bathroom. Sara only had a small tear that needed two stitches. Abby was born at 10am 10/12/12. Forty mins later we were in a room on the Maternity ward.”

Abby’s birth was a huge surprise. If you would have told me that labor was only going to 3 hours and I would have my baby in the bathroom before the Doctor could make it I would have laughed:) But when my Doctor did make it in to see us he said that we made history that day because NO ONE had ever delivered in that bathroom or that quickly in that hospital. I also have a better understanding of why so many of my friends prefer a Midwife to a Doctor. It was nice to have someone who was supportive of everyone needs throughout this experience. If there is a next baby I think we may look into that option a little more closely:) But Ms. Abigail has been a blessing and joy to are little family and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for my little whirlwind as she grows-up.

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