BirthDay Suit Maternity!!

Posted May 21st, 2012 in Fresno birth, Fresno Birth Doula, Labor gowns by Kathryn DiPalma

WOW!  What a surprise!  Our BirthdaySuit Maternity gown (actually 2 of them!) was featured in this article about Jessica
Simpson!  If we had only known that this was something that she wanted, we would have sent it to her!

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Jessica Simpson‘s seeing spots! The expectant mama is counting down the days until she gives birth to a baby girl, and she seems to be having some wild pregnancy dreams. Yesterday Jessica tweeted, “I just woke up from a dream that I wore a leopard caftan in the hospital. Fabulous!! Now I need to find one!”

While a caftan may not be the most appropriate clothing choice for the hospital, Jessica doesn’t have to settle for the standard gown while giving birth. Many birthing mamas choose to wear privately made labor and delivery gowns that help reflect their own sense of style. We found an animal print version that could easily suit Jessica’s needs, but there are plenty more options available, too. Take a look and then tell us — what did you wear in the delivery room?


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