I Heart Fresno

Have you seen the site,” I Heart Fresno“?  Dominique and her partner, Cambria, are very fun gals.  These 2 women interview, preview, and help to promote all things that have to do with Fresno.  Many people may not even know where Fresno is, let alone all the wonderful things that we have to offer.  Dominique and her husband, Chance (who is an amazing photographer in Fresno!!) recently gave birth to a precious, and incredibly handsome son.

On their website, I Heart Fresno, Dominque recently gave a shout out to the Home Birth community in Fresno.  I appreciated her personal review of the services that she was able to use during her pregnancy, labor and birth.  In the article she said:  ” I also wanted to share with you the team of women I was working with throughout my pregnancy because they were all amazing. A shout out to my midwife, Jacque Moschella (she is a traditional midwife based here in the valley), Sarah Ellis (Doula and birth instructor), and Kathryn DiPalma (Doula and newborn class instructor).”

Go to their site, I Heart Fresno!  You won’t be disappointed!

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