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Posted February 8th, 2012 in After Pregnancy, Birth Doula in Fresno, Children, Fresno birth, Fresno Birth Doula, Motherhood by Kathryn DiPalma

We will find a book or article on almost any subject anywhere that we look.  We will find parents and well meaning adults who think they have the answers for how you child should be developing.  This can be challenging determining what is right for your child.  When I read this from Rebecca Thompson, I knew that I needed to pass it on to you

Optimal development is about allowing the unfolding of the child.  It isn’t on your time table or an author’s time table in a book you’ve just read, but rather it is about allowing your child to develop at the rate that is right for her.  You may find this challenging, because many children do not follow the charts indicated in parenting books.  Let go of the numbers in books and focus on the child you have right in front of you.  For example, most babies are not sleeping through the night at 3 months, like many parenting books suggest, but much closer to 2 or 3 years when the part of their brain responsible for regulation of sleep has developed.  Follow your child and let go of your own interpretation of what normal is.

©Rebecca Thompson, 2008
The Consciously Parenting Project
The Consciously Parenting Project

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