5 Quotes to Remind you not to Induce

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5 Quotes to Remind You Not to Induce

by Birth Without Fear on November 15, 2010

“We can make a woman have contractions, but we don’t always succeed in forcing her body to release the baby and give birth. If we start a labor with chemicals, we may very well have to finish it with a surgeon’s scalpel.” – Gail Hart, Midwife

“Inducing tends to create longer, more difficult, more painful births in general, and it ups a woman’s chance of having a c-section by two to three times.” – Jennifer Block, Author of Pushed

“I firmly believe that mothers are not informed enough to know that this [labor induction or augmentation with Pitocin] is not a good idea, and that any woman who has the right information would not want to have her baby induced.” – Kathleen Rice Simpson, PhD, professor of nursing at St. Louis University School of Nursing

“French obstetrician and author Michel Odent, also a critic of the induction ‘epidemic’, as he calks it, argues that labor begins when the baby is ready to be born. Odent likens gestation to apples ripening on a tree: ‘You wouldn’t pick them all on the same day, would you?’ ” – Jennifer Block, Author of Pushed (Michael Odent

“It used to be that a pregnancy lasting beyond 42 weeks was considered ‘post-term.’ But today, inducing on or before 41 weeks is fairly standard across North America.” – Jennifer Block, Author of Pushed

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