EZ SOX-The "I Can Do It" Sock!

Posted February 6th, 2011 in Children, clothing, Fresno Birth Doula, Motherhood by admin

I found a really cute wbesite that I wanted to share with you.  The EXSOX are  for children  and they are  fun learning socks!  What a wonderful and helpful tool for parents trying to teach their children how to put on their socks.  Think of the confidence that your children will gain as they learn to dress themselves!

Check them out!
EZ SOX-The “I Can Do It” Sock!

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  1. MrsDixon says:

    Very Cute! They should make a version for pregnant women!

  2. foxy says:

    Hi there! I'm stopping by to see if little MrsDixon has had that baby yet… ?? I've been thinking about her all week – and since she hasn't posted anything this week, I'm hoping that means she's holding little Lincoln in her arms. Let me know! 🙂