The Birth Tourist…

Posted December 13th, 2010 in birth, Birth Doula, doula, fresno, Fresno birth, labor, Pregnancy by admin

Have you ever heard the word, ‘Birth Tourist’?   In the births that I have attended, I have run into several of them.  This person may be a friend, a mother, a mother in law, a sister, cousin or whoever.  This could be someone who simply appears and wants to ‘watch the show’.  They typically are not present to help you or support you, and they probably aren’t looking for ways to enhance your birthing experience.  But they come for their own gratification.  And sometimes unfortuntaely, they can also come in the form of a medical  professional, or  medical students who are wanting to learn all about birth. 

 Beware on anyone who may try to lay a guilt trip on you by their request to be present at the birth of your child.  As a birthing woman, you have the right to say ” No spectators!, No lookie lu-lu’s! ” Birth is your private time, to be shared with your husband. It is a time that needs to be respected and guarded.  This is a time where your wishes are to be supported unconditionally, no matter what.

As a birth doula, I feel very privileged for every birth that I am invited to.  I am a guest and I have been invited to attend and invited to support, respect and guard you and your desires.  My desire is to be helpful and invisible at the same time.  I remind myself during a birth that this is, YOUR birth, YOUR body and YOUR baby and my goal is to help you achieve the birth that YOU want!

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