Mucus Plug…what is it?

Posted December 15th, 2010 in birth, Birth Doula, doula, fresno, Fresno birth, labor, Pregnancy by admin

Many times during your pregnancy you will hear things that you’ve never heard before.  There are so many new words to learn that it can get confusing trying to stay on top of everything.  Today’s word is: “Mucus Plug”.  What is it and how does it affect my pregnancy and birth.

“Definition: The plug of mucus that fills the cervix to protect against disease and infection. This may start leaking out as the cervix slowly starts opening before labor, or may come out in one big chunk. It can be pink or tinged with blood. It is also known as bloody show.”

When you begin to loose your mucus plug, it is a sign that your cervix is getting ready. This can be a long, slow process or a very quick one.  Some women don’t loose their mucus plug until they are in active labor. It is something that is normal and everyone who is pregnat will have one.

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