Episiotomy vs. Tearing….

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I commonly hear women say that they are fearful of tearing during childbirth.  However, the thought of a doctor cutting ‘down there’ is also something that makes us women raise our eyebrows and slightly whince.
This is an anaswer written by  Angela Bolivar, C.N.M., A.R.N.P.     I found this on the website http://www.parentsconnect.com/questions/birth_episiotomy_tear.jhtml

“I don’t want to get an episiotomy, but is it safe to wait and possibly tear while giving birth?”

“An episiotomy is when the doctor slices the vaginal muscle tissue to help avert any tearing during delivery. It’s often only a small cut—usually about and inch and a half long—but several studies suggest that they can sometimes do more harm than good, including making you tear more deeply. Deeper tears go through muscle, are more painful, take longer to heal and may lead to incontinence.

So in recent years doctors have become more conservative about using episiotomies. Today’s medical guidelines state that the surgery should only be performed if the baby’s heartbeat is decreasing or is in immediate danger and needs to be delivered immediately.”

Answered by Angela Bolivar, C.N.M., A.R.N.P.


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