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Today I was totally blessed by my last clients testimony that she wrote for Doulamatch.net!  Heidi and Ryan were such a fun couple to work with. It was a total blessing to me to be privileged enough to help them and be apart of the birth of baby Leah!  Thank you Heidi for your kind words.

“My husband and I were told Kathryn had her doula license while pregnant with our second child. The birth of our first child, Levi ended up being a C-section. I decided shortly after his birth I wanted to attempt a VBAC with our second child. We felt a doula would allow us more time to spend together during the birth process, to be more relaxed and have someone to advocate for us if necessary.

We met with Kathryn a number of times before the birth and she was always encouraging and willing to answer any questions. We were pleased she took on our family, as the due date was close to Christmas.

During the labor process Kathryn was very helpful, as she knew the answers to questions I had about the labor process (I did not labor as far with my first). She helped me focus on my breathing, when I would panic. Having her present made things more comfortable for me and my husband. For me, it felt like I had my mom in the room. I knew that she would not let me endure anything that was not necessary and she was going to support me in whatever decisions I made regarding the birth process. For my husband, having her there allowed him to be relaxed and not stress thinking about what he should or should not be doing for me. I could tell he was more at ease during this birth than with the birth of our son.

If we have a third child we will pick Kathryn again. We were very happy with our experience. We successfully had our daughter, Leah Susanna on 12/7/10 via VBAC (Kathryn’s first VBAC). We would like to say, “Thank you Kathryn for helping make our birth process very positive.” We will be passing your name along. I can say this birth was enjoyed much more than our first. This will always be a fond memory for us.”


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