How to Avoid a C-Section…hire a doula!

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On the website called, “The Bump” there is always good information about pregnancy and birth.  You can get a weekly update sent to you according to the week that you are pregnant so you can know how much your baby is growing and developing.  Below is one one of the questions from a section about ‘How to Avoid a C-Section”.

Q&A: Ways to Avoid a C-Section?

Flexibility (no pun intended) is the key. In my research I found articles that confirm that c-sections put the baby and mom at higher risk during and after birth than vaginal births do. Yes, c-sections are sometimes unavoidable (I have a small cervix and may not dialate fully because of scar tissue), but for me I am learning as much as I can now and I have hired a doula to help reduce the odds of me needing a c-section, induction or an epidural. Each woman does need to make her own choice, but for me I at least want to try before agreeing to a c-section. I’m due late May so I still have time to prepare my mind and body. I would recommend hiring a doula if you’re expecting because they are a wealth of knowledge and resource that will only benefit you and your partner. They work with you throughout the last months of your pregnancy to help prepare you and ease your mind for giving birth, and stay with you throughout labor, delivery, and even an hour or so after. Statistically they have been proven to reduce the need for c-sections, etc. I found mine through the DONA website. Best of luck to everyone!!

The best answer…HIRE A DOULA!

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