Can you hold your baby too much?

Posted September 2nd, 2010 in After Pregnancy, Babies, Birth Doula, Fresno Birth Doula, Newborns, parenting, Pregnancy by admin

Love this article!  In my opinion, you can never hold your baby too much!

Hold your baby and young child often. Use a sling or soft carrier to “wear” baby while doing household chores. Children are not spoiled by being held or carried. When they do not need it, they will let you know. Being held creates security. This is true even of older children. If they need to be held, they will allow you to hold them. We all need to be held sometimes, even as grown-ups. Why would children be any different?

Do you remember having the experience of being held when you were upset or having a hard time? Perhaps it was a grandmother or another family member if you don’t remember being held by your own mother. Create those positive memories for your child today. And tomorrow. You truly cannot hold your child too much!

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