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When a baby is born, it’s easy for dads to feel left out and neglected.  So much attention is put on the new baby and the recovery of mom, that dads can easily felt lost in this new adventure.  Here is a great short article on the important role that dads play in a childs life.  Thank you dads for all that you do!!

“Dad is so important! In the very early weeks, dad’s role is mainly to support mom in breastfeeding and helping to create the space for mom and baby to bond, though dad can spend some special time bonding with baby, too! (Truly, my husband was my biggest cheerleader when my son was born and I wouldn’t have breastfed without his support.) As the baby grows, dad’s job is to expand the child’s world. Dad is the key to helping baby learn about the world away from mom and learning that not everyone will respond with synchrony to the child. This is important! Dads also have a unique way of interacting that is important for optimal development of the child. Dads are usually about fun, while mom is usually about needs getting met. (Though sometimes this can be reversed and this is okay, too.) Babies and young children need both interactions to be healthy and balanced.”

Thanks, dads!
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