What Really Matters – Birth

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Plan for a natural birth. Birth is intended to be a natural experience for both mother and baby. Plan to have a good support system present at the birth. Research shows that mothers who have a doula or other supportive woman mothering the mother have fewer complications, lower c-section rates, an easier time breastfeeding, and bonding with the baby after birth. While some complications cannot be avoided, strive for the most natural birth possible.

If there are complications during the birth and the birth is traumatic for mother or baby, seek support for yourself and learn how to support your baby through it. Birth traumas can have a lasting impact if not addressed properly, even though baby can’t remember it cognitively. Traumatic memories are stored in the cells of the body, rather than in the cognitive part of the brain and can affect the child’s neurological development.

The decisions we make around birth can have a lasting impact, so plan your baby’s transition into the world accordingly!

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