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Posted July 22nd, 2010 in Babies by admin

The subject of baby naming has suddenly been a topic of conversation in our household. So, when I found this article, I knew I needed to post it!

If you’re having a baby that is not your first, you are likely to hear some baby names from siblings. These are usually bad baby names. To celebrate that, I’d like to offer your four things you shouldn’t let your older child name the baby:


If you ask a child to name a baby, they are going to go with items that they love, if you make that mistake at dinner for the sake of family style conversation, the ideas will be food centered. Obviously you can use this to tell how your older child is feeling about the new baby. The suggestion of the favorite food, cookie, versus the least favorite food, broccoli holds many clues. But neither is really a good name for a baby.


Every toddler out there has a version of a favorite character be it from television or a book. You too could have a new baby named Dora, Elmo, Skippyjon, etc. The problem is, well, I think it’s pretty obvious that you wouldn’t want your child to have to live up to those standards.

3.Fairy Princess Sparkle

While having multiple middle names may be coming back into style, the multiple first names, particularly when they number three or more is just excessive. This really shows just how indecisive a toddler can be, even when it comes to baby naming. And that doesn’t even address how her little brother would feel with a name like that. Sure you could make a masculine version, perhaps Wizard Prince Oak Tree? Nah, that doesn’t work either.


Inanimate objects may be all the rage for some, but they don’t go over well for most babies. Think long and hard before choosing a name that your older child picked because it was the first thing he or she saw when you asked them to help.

Just remember, there are plenty of things that your child can do to help prepare for the new baby, but consider leaving the baby naming to the grown ups.

Article written By Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE, About.com Guide

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