Instructions for babysitters

Posted July 22nd, 2010 in Children, My Family by admin

Parents all learn the importance of leaving complete instructions for a babysitter.  Afterall, they are leaving a very important treasure in the care of someone else.  A few months ago, my husband and I were asked to babysit for several days.  However, this request came from our daughter and son in law…and the request for babysitting was for their dog, Olivia.  Below is the email that I received with my instructions:

1. Let hers sleep in your bed. Just put a cow toe up there and her’s blankey and hers will be ok. She will wake up around 6 and think about getting up for a while, but when her starts whining that means her
ready to go potty.

2. be very very very careful when opening doors. She is thinking about darting, I can see it in hers eyes .

3. be careful when picking her up from daycare…her is soooo squiggily!

4. Tighten her collar if you take her for a walk

5. I put a variety of clothing options for restraints if you need them!

6. If you take her to our house, leave her light on in the bathroom, her no like weewee in the dark

7. send me pictures 2 x per day at least!! 🙂

8. Show her my picture four times a day, and remind her I love her and am coming home for hers.

9. Don’t forget to pick up all decorations or posibly chew toys her might want to destroy for fun.

The end.

Thank you for taking care of her! You a good girl and Davey is too. We are thankful to have you~!

Hopefully this will give new parents are few more ideas when leaving your children with a babysitter!

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