Deciphering Your Medical Chart

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Deciphering your medical records should be fairly straight forward, but your doctor or midwife probably writes notes on your chart that have acronyms or abbreviations that relate to you and your baby’s health. Here are some of the most common ones that you might notice and what they mean:
1.hCG:  human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone. It is the hormone that is looked for in pregnancy tests, both urine and blood. Your practitioner may be monitoring yours to evaluate the health of your pregnancy.

2.EDD:   Estimated due date is the date that would equal 280 days from the first day of your last period or based on the due date given by ultrasound. It may also be written as EDC or estimated date of confinement.

3.US:   This stands for ultrasound. It might mean that one has been ordered or simply that you have been counseled about ultrasound.

4.CRL:  Crown to rump length is a measurement used for your baby early in the pregnancy, in the first trimester.

5.FHT:   This means fetal heart tones. It might be written when heard with a plus sign or it might be drawn in over an area of the body on the chart to indicate where your baby’s heart tones were heard.

6.FM:  Fetal movement is used to indicate if you have felt fetal movement or quickening (you first feeling of fetal movement) or where you are feeling fetal movement.

7.PTL:   Preterm labor may be on your chart to indicate that you are at risk of preterm labor, that you have been screened or counseled about preterm labor.

8.GBS:   This stand for group B strep. This screening exam is typically done between weeks 34-36 in your prenatal care. You may also have tested positive previously or have a history of Group B strep and have that indicated on your chart.

9.NCB:   Natural childbirth is indicated by NCB. It may be in reference to a previous birth or our upcoming birth plans.

10.LOA:   This is a position that your baby can be in, left occiput anterior.

If you see anything on your chart that you are unclear about or you aren’t sure what it means, never hesitate to step up and ask. Remember, these are your medical records. You have the right to know what is written in there and have the ability to have corrections made if there are errors.

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Deciphering Your Medical Records
By Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE, About.com Guide

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