What does a birth doula do??

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Doulas do not provide you with any clinical care, so they do not replace your doctor or midwife. Generally your relationship with your doula will begin during pregnancy. As you discuss the desires you have for your upcoming birth your doula will help you find ways to obtain your goals. This may be in the form of finding the appropriate childbirth class, learning techniques, writing a birth plan, or many other things.
Once you’ve begun labor you and your partner will have discussed when you will call the doula. Most doulas will provide early labor support at home, coming to your home and helping you while you are in labor before you are ready to go to the hospital or birth center. When you are ready to leave for your place of birth she will go with you, or follow in her car.
Doulas are proficient in massage, positioning, comfort measures, relaxation and breathing. They will help you and your partner decide which position will help labor along or make labor more comfortable. Along the way she will make suggestions and reminders about simple things that are often forgotten, like going to the bathroom, or drinking fluids.
Your doula will help you remember what plans you had for labor and help you get the things that you wanted. She can also help you when changes need to be made or complications arise
After your baby is born she can help you with breast feeding and postpartum issues. Some doulas even do postpartum home care, such as light housekeeping and helping with errands and older children. Though sometimes you will find a doula does either postpartum or birth work.

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